Kalyan Ky is an award-winning entrepreneur, writer and social activist. Kalyan’s family fled Cambodia as refugees after the rise of the Khmer Rouge and the subsequent civil war. They originally settled in New Zealand before migrating to Australia.

She is currently the Director of the Trade Partnership and Cooperation Centre – Angkor Enchange (TPC-AE) which aims to foster and facilitate closer economic and societal connections between Cambodians and the rest of the world. She currently serves as an advisor on International Trade & Affairs for various organisations. 

In addition to her work with the TPC, Kalyan is an ex-officio/advisor of the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia (AusCham), President of the Cambodia Australia New Zealand Exchange Mission (CANZEM), and actively supports several Cambodian schools and child welfare organisations.

She is currently on the committee of the National Press Club of Cambodia (NPCC) to promote press freedom and peaceful dialogue. Behind all of these projects is a desire to promote economic development, peaceful cooperation, and individual freedom in Cambodia.

Kalyan has been a long-time advocate for multiculturalism and refugee rights. Originally working through the Multifaith Multicultural Youth Network and the Ethnic Youth Council, in 2011 Kalyan was awarded the Young Achiever of the Year (Australia Day Award) for City of Greater Dandenong. She was previously appointed to the Victorian Multicultural Commission’s Regional Advisory Council, and served as an Australia Day Ambassador.

She is the author of several short stories and a book of poetry, and is a regular speaker at events including writers’ festivals in Australia and Cambodia, namely the Emerging Writers Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival and the Kampot Writers and Readers Festival

Kalyan is currently the chairman of the private public working group on direct flights from Australia to Cambodia.

She is the founder of Exchange Journeys which assists connecting prospective travellers with agencies in Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand for trade or leisure purposes. 

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